For non-urgent referrals - this can take up to 4 weeks

When a referral has been generated you are provided with a unique booking reference number (UBRN) and an Access Code (password).

Once a referral has been sent electronically it is then your responsibility to book your appointment online or by calling the number(s) provided on the referral summary sheet that you will receive in the post.


What To Expect

If referrals are sent through a triage service there will be a specific date on the summary sheet to state when you are likely to hear from the treatment provider. If you have not heard back from the date stated then you will need to contact the number listed on the summary sheet.

If referrals have been sent as urgent and you have been provided with a date that you are not in agreement with; the GP is unable to re-refer you for an earlier appointment. The process for screening urgent referrals is as follows:

  • Referral generated and sent using the ERS system (electronically)
  • An appointment is booked
  • A clinician screens the referral and grades it based on urgency
  • If deemed urgent, then the original appointment is cancelled and rebooked with an earlier date.

If referrals are routine and you have been provided with a date that you are not in agreement with; you have the option to call the NHS appointments line to check if there are any cancellations or check online for cancellations. Both details are found on the referral summary sheet.

Once a referral has been sent through electronically from your GP surgery it is not possible to amend, update or resend. It is the patient’s responsibility to take the appropriate action.