The Friends of Staplehurst Health Centre

Organisation and Administration

The Friends is a charitable organisation, registered with the Charity Commissioners, founded in 2007.

The aims and objectives of the Friends are:-

To relieve sickness and preserve the health of persons permanently or temporarily resident in Staplehurst, Frittenden and the surrounding area,

  • by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities, support services and equipment not necessarily provided by the statutory authorities,
  • by advancing the education of the public in health and related matters by the provision of lectures for, and the publication of newsletters devoted to health, and
  • by such other charitable methods as the Charity acting through its committee may determine.

The management of the Friends is in the hands of its six trustees who are all patients or staff members at the Health Centre. The Trustees meet as required but generally this is four times a year. An Annual General Meeting is held at which the trustees report to the membership on the business of the Friends during the previous year. The Trustees accounts are independently examined and are presented for adoption at the AGM. An annual return is made to the Charity Commissioners.

Membership of the Friends, which currently stands at around 250, is open to all patients, doctors, nurses and staff at the Health Centre and there is no charge for membership since it was felt that the cost of membership should not preclude anyone from membership of the Friends.


The Friends is funded by donations and by fund raising events, the chief one being the Christmas draw, for which the Friends is registered under the Gambling Act with the local authority.

The Friends publish a double-sided A4 Newsletter three times a year, to coincide with the publication of the Staplehurst Parish Council’s Village Update. Both publications are distributed to every house in the parish of Staplehurst, and the newsletter is also distributed to houses in Frittenden. Copies of the newsletter are always available at the Reception desk at the Health Centre for those patients who come from other villages.

The Friends meet their aims of health education by holding health information evenings which are free for everyone to attend irrespective of registration at Staplehurst Health Centre.